All About That Base: My Fave Foundations

L’Oréal is one of my favourite brands when it comes to base products. I wear makeup daily and I find that the right foundation is hard to find, but I’ve found two that are perfect for me. 

The first is L’oreal’s Matte Infallible Foundation. This has got the best coverage I’ve ever seen. It dries quickly and provides a mattifying, yet smooth base. I have dry skin, so matte foundations are usually a no go, but this isn’t drying. It can get a little cakey if you wear it for long hours in the heat, so I recommend it as an Autumn/ Winter foundation if your skin is dry or combination. For only £7.99 it’s definitely worth a try.  LJL Rating: 9/10  

For Summer, I have to suggest L’oreal’s True Match Foundation. I love this formula as it’s lightweight and really comfortable on the skin. It gives a smooth finish and makes skin appear soft. The product is quite thin and I would say that it provides a medium to full coverage, but I have found that a little of the product goes a long way, which also makes it better value at £9.99. I think that the packaging is lush as well- I love a classy look!  LJL Rating: 10/10


Not Worth The Hype: NYX Liquid Lipsticks

This blog may get a lot of hate because I know that most people adore NYX’s Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. So I’m sorry to say that I love NYX but these just don’t do it for me.

I only have the shades ‘Bedtime Flirt’ and ‘Baby Doll’ and my experience hasn’t been great. Yes the colours are stunning but that’s not enough. The image below (Bedtime Flirt) is the product after only an hours wear! During that time I didn’t eat or even talk and it begins to separate, crack and bleed against the lip line. In terms of the application, the brush is awful. It’s super hard and the angles work against the natural lip line. The drying time is slow and when the product finally does dry down it starts to crack.

b8bNYX’s lip creams are also popular. Now these aren’t as bad as the lip lingerie’s but I can’t say I’m much impressed by them either. I have the shades ‘Cairo’ and ‘Athens’ and they have the opposite problem. I find that they don’t dry at all, and although they sit comfortably on the lip, it makes eating and talking a problem. The two key issues I have are the lack of pigment- they aren’t too noticeable, and then there’s the size.  In order to get some colour to your lips, you need to build the products a little but then due to the lack of product you run out within a few uses. I used mine about 4 times each before they ran out. For £7 (Lingerie) and £6 (Lip Cream) you’re much better off with the cheaper alternatives such as MUA’s Liquid Lipsticks which I adore!


Let me know if you guys have had the same experience or if I’m doing something totally wrong!


My fave Beauty Bloggers


This was always going to be a hard choice, but I’ve chosen three so lets get to it! My absolute fave has to be Manny MUA. I absolutely adore his channel. The best thing about him is that he frequently posts, whether on Twitter, Youtube or Instagram, so he’s worth following. His level of sass is hilarious, I am literally cracking up all the time when watching him. He does tend to use a lot of high end makeup but I find his tutorials really helpful for looking at makeup techniques.

Stephanie Toms is brilliant for finding out about the best beauty bargains. She is the most honest blogger when reviewing makeup, brutally so, but that’s what sets her apart from other bloggers. Her tutorials are always a great length and they are the most diverse from tutorials on her most expensive makeup, to makeup she hates (this was a good watch!) Her TK Maxx video inspired my TK Maxx blog so check it out!

Finally, I adore Ling.kt. She’s very natural on camera and truly adorable. She does a whole range of tutorials and reviews from high to low end and she also posts a lot of fashion photos which is useful is you love fashion as much as beauty. I really recommend following her Instagram as she often posts one minute sped up tutorials which is great to learn basic techniques and get a summary of the products she uses.





Tan, Glorious Tan!

Tanning is always a risky subject in the beauty community as many feel that it’s important to embrace your natural skin tone. I totally agree, but everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their skin so for those, like me, who love a good tan, why not! Summer is here and I am excited to share my absolute fave fake tans. I’m super pale and I’ve always struggled to find a fake tan that doesn’t look patchy, streaky or orange. No one likes being mistaken for a wotsit. I’ve tried sooo many over the years, including the big brands like Bondi Sands, St Tropez and Fake Bake. I’d be lying if I said I loved them. My two faves are easily St. Moriz mouse and Garnier Summer Body moisturiser.

I’ve always loved Garnier’s skincare range and this moisturiser is no exception. I have really dry skin and unlike most fake tans this is incredibly hydrating. More importantly it doesn’t smell bad! It has the most amazing apricot scent. As for the application its applies like a moisturiser and is streak free. I use the light colour as it works as my pre-summer glow but it isn’t the darkest of tans. It does take a couple of days to build up colour but it gives a subtle and natural looking tan that lasts. It’s usually £7.79 but right now its only £3.85 at Superdrug so GO GO GO!

LJL Rating: 10/10

If you’re looking for a noticeable tan I have to recommend St Moriz professional mouse. I use medium however I find that it’s quite dark. I adore this tan as it’s not even got the hint of orange to it and once again its streak free. The development time is really quick and the colour lasts for days. With frequent application it builds up the most incredible colour. It does have a slight fake tan smell to it and I have found it to dry my skin up a bit but if you apply moisturiser after it’s developed its absolutely fine. Moreover, this is one of the cheapest fake tans I’ve found. From Feel Unique it’s £3.99 but if you’d rather shop in store it’s £5 in Superdrug, Boots and Tesco.

LJL Rating: 9/10 (due to how drying it can be)

Primark’s Liquid Lipsticks

Lately, Primark have been bringing out all kinds of crazy new makeup. Reknown for their insanely low prices, it comes to no surprise that we see the same thing with their makeup. One product of theirs I did want to mention is their liquid lipstick minis set.

Super sorry for the horrendous lighting…I totally didn’t take this picture in the car… Anyway, I haven’t included swatches as these colours look the exact same as they do in the bottles, and aren’t they just gorgeous! These remind me of the Huda Beauty lipstick minis and I adore the colours. Four stunning nudes (although one is more of a dark burgundy) for only £4! Amazing! There is also a set of four with darker colours.

As for the formula, I was so impressed at how wonderfully creamy these are. They sit so nicely and dry quickly with literally no cracks. I find them so easy to apply that I didn’t need to use lip liner whatsoever.

As always there is a downside, but don’t worry, it’s not a major one! I found that they all don’t seem to last too long, maybe about 3 hours before you need to reapply, The bonus here is that the super creamy formula means that they are easy to reapply without cracking or feeling heavy. I should also mention that I tested two of their Kylie Jenner dupes which are £3 for a full sized liquid lippy and a liner. These colours don’t have names but I bought a pale nude and a darker one but upon application they came out pale peach and bright pink-not my kinda nude. So as for those, they’re a no go for me.

I 100% have to recommend these but be aware that its best for short-term wear (unless your’e happy to top up), and I wouldn’t recommend wearing them whilst eating as it gets a tad messy! Overall, I’m in love with the colours so that leaves us with:

LJL Rating: 7/10

That Glow Though!

A little too often I get told that I’ve overdone my highlight… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take this as a compliment. There is something so satisfying about shoving shimmer on my face and I think most of us in the makeup community have to agree on that!

That being said, it can be really difficult to find a highlighter with a great glow, that doesn’t appear cakey and powdery. So here are my fave low budget highlighters- and trust me it was SO hard choosing only three.

Sleek Palette in ‘Solstice’: I’ll start with my fave of all time because oh my this highlighter is something else! The four swatches on the left are from this palette: three of the highlighters are normal powder highlights but the far left swatch shows the cream highlight. I’m not usually a fan of these as I find them to be too sticky but wow this formula works so well, especially on the brow bone and when doubling up as an eye shadow. The colours are so subtle and stay in place all day. There’s a little bit of fallout but nothing major. I’ve found that these work on most skin tones and there are also colour variations so it’s definitely worth a try!

LJL Tip: At the moment its £7.99 instead of £9.99 at

Mua Highlighter in ‘Iridescent Gold’: This is a very close second fave. As you can see from the swatch second in from the right it’s has a gorgeous golden shimmer when it catches the light, so don’t be fooled by it’s icy appearance. There is virtually no fallout on this palette and it’s the cheapest highlight at only £3! Once again this also works on most skin tones. One flaw is that I have tried some of the other colours in the range and the pigment, glow and kickback have all been pretty bad, especially on the shade ‘Pink Shimmer’, so I wouldn’t recommend other colours so much.

I Heart Revolution ‘Unicorn Heart’ Rainbow Highlighter: I have a terrible problem with buying anything that has the word unicorn in it, so when I saw this highlighter and how unique it looked I had to buy it. This is the most shimmery highlighter I have and it’s perfect if you want a beaming glow. The swatch on the far right shows the colours blended as one, but you can easily use the colours individually, although I will warn that the green is quite pigmented. But… this palette isn’t perfect, there is a fair amount of fallout and the product isn’t great for long wear. However, they are a perfect dupe to the ‘Too Faced’ heart highlighters for only £4.99!

Overall, I cannot recommend the Sleek palette enough! If you are looking for something cheap and effective, go for MUA, but if you want something more quirky then Revolution is for you- and they actually have a really nice range of colours.

LJL Rating:         Sleek: 10/10          MUA: 8/10          Revolution: 7/10

Sleek Palettes:

MUA Highlighters:

Revolution Highlighters:

Fortune Favours The Brave Review

Heya guys! Over the past year there has been so much hype over Revolution’s huge range of affordable and diverse eye shadow palettes. My first ever eye shadow palette was one of their originals, ‘What Are You Waiting For?’, and I used it every day for about a year. I decided I’d give one of their newer palettes a try and as tempted as I was by their Two Faced Chocolate Bar dupes, I decided to go for ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’.

I chose this palette because as you can see above, the colour range is huge! I am living for the appearance of the marbled shimmers as they are STUNNING. Moreover, this palette only costs £9.99! That works out 33p per colour. INSANE right?!

True to nature I will be honest with my review. The shimmers are amazing. Really. They are well pigmented and the fallout was minimal meaning that they were creamy enough to sit in place all day. Some of them even double up well as highlighters.

As for the matte shades…hrmmm… They didn’t show up as pigmented as I had hoped. I’ve tried various looks and have used all of the colours and I’ve found that the lack of pigment means that when the shadows are blended, there isn’t a huge distinction between the colours so you have to blend lightly. The blue and green shades seem to be the only ones that didn’t have this issue.

Although the pigment isn’t too intense, the palette as a whole is actually very easy to work with. You can create many subtle looks, and I’ve found that this is the best palettes for brown/purple smokey eyes. If you’re a makeup beginner, or eye shadow isn’t your strong point this palette is for you as it’s easy to work with and let’s be honest, it’s damn cheap for the amount you get! Let me know what you guys think if you already have the palette or are thinking of buying it!

LJL Rating: 7/10

Link to buy the palette: