About Me

Thanks for joining me!

Welcome to my beauty blog where I will review, discuss, and share beauty products and experiences.

“Inner beauty is great, but a little winged liner never hurt anyone.”

I decided to start this blog because I’m fairly sure that by now everyone in my life is sick of me talking about makeup ALL THE TIME. If you are a beauty enthusiast like me, but don’t quite have those pennies to buy every high end product under the sun, then this is the place for you.

I will focus my blogs on the best beauty hacks and buys that are easily affordable and worth the small price you pay. Expect brutal reviews, honest opinions and genuine recommendations.

I shall post at least once a week with new products and thoughts so feel free to sign up to updates to hear more. You can follow my instagram at lucia_jayne to see some looks using the products I discuss, and I welcome any opinions on reviews or blogs that you’d like to see in the future to feel free to contact me anytime! So that being said, enjoy reading…x


Age: 21            From: London             Fave Colour: Purple            Fave Food: Pizza!!!
Fave Artist: Taylor Swift (sorry not sorry)    Fave Film: Tangled- I live and breathe Disney
Currently Binge Watching (This I will update A LOT): Once Upon A Time. Please give me other recommendations!
Spends Too Much Time: On Instagram! And my makeup of course…
Fave MUA: Tricky, but MannyMUA- his videos are hilarious! 
Fave Beauty Products: SO tricky, but probably Anastasia Beverley Hills’ ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette
Best Beauty Bargain: Also tricky! It would probably be MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in shade ‘Tranquility’. I wear this nearly every day, it’s long lasting, doesn’t flake, suits most makeup looks and ERM £3?! Insane bargain!
Fave Makeup Look: Eyeliner for dayssss. You will never see me without my wings.

So that’s me! I’d love to get know more about my followers so ask me anything and tell me about yourself too!

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